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Property owners and managers are keen to ensure property assets are performing to their potential and to ensure that they are fully aware of the changing planning context. Establishing the current planning status of an asset is important prior to acquisition or disposal and in determining the development potential of land holdings. We work the full length of the development pipeline from land banking and property acquisition through land release to development and asset disposal.

What We Do

  • Studies into highest and best land use and development potential.
  • Due diligence for sales or acquisition, often as a member of an investigation team.
  • Strategic planning advice on the approvals process, development controls and site development potential.
  • Reviews of development options.
  • Planning risk analyses.
  • Investigations into surplus land holdings covering development potential, site constraints, planning risks, priority for disposal and potential for value adding through the planning process (approvals and rezoning).
  • Development activity monitoring to provide information and intelligence on relevant development activity in key areas.