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We provide assistance through all facets of the development approval process. The management team has extensive expertise in guiding projects through the development approval process from conception to approval and ultimately to construction and occupation/operation.

NSW planning and environmental legislation is complex and subject to constant review, evolution and change. We act as planning consultants on a wide range of complex and high profile developments and provide a clear strategy to maximise the prospect of obtaining development approval.

In all instances, BBC Consulting Planners strive to ensure that planning assessments are undertaken to the highest professional standard, rigorously meeting all statutory requirements, and capable of withstanding professional scrutiny.

Where necessary, BBC Consulting Planners will work with (or will help engage and manage) experts in specialist disciplines to ensure that all possible impacts are addressed by recognised professionals and are presented in a coordinated suite of integrated, coherent and plainly written documents. We also act as a member of a multi-disciplinary team under the management of a specialist project or development manager. We are a proactive member of any team seeking to achieve a common goal of a competent application capable of rigorous scrutiny. As town planners, we ensure that the input of a range of specialists is presented in a balanced and objective manner with appropriate emphasis on the key issues.

What We Do

  • Approvals Strategies

    • Making sense of, and helping clients navigate their way through, the NSW planning system.
    • Strategies and processes for gaining approvals (development consents, State Significant development applications, modification applications, and planning proposals).
    • Planning risks and timelines.
  • Preparation of Development and Modification Applications

    • State Significant Development and Infrastructure Applications.
    • Concept Development Applications.
    • Development Applications.
    • Applications to modify consents.
    • Environmental Impact Statements.
    • Reviews of Environmental Factors.
    • Planning proposals.
    • Development approval advice.
  • Reviews and Submissions

    • Submissions in response to exhibited development proposals, environmental planning instruments (LEPs, REPs, SEPPs), planning proposals, and DCPs.
    • Submissions on Section 7.11 Contributions Plans, Voluntary Planning Agreements, and State Infrastructure Contribution proposals.
  • Expert Witness Services

    • Advice on the planning merits of matters on appeal.
    • Providing expert planning evidence in Court.
    • Submissions to public hearings, reviews and panel inquiries.
    • Attending mediations.