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The NSW planning legislation enables infrastructure charges to be levied on development via a number of mechanisms including Section 7.11 and 7.12 contributions plans, and State Infrastructure Contributions. Government policy in these areas is often subject to change, resulting in the need for clients to keep abreast of the latest developments.

We have a long history of involvement in infrastructure funding issues at the policy level and as applied during the development approval process in New South Wales.

The timely and sequenced provision of urban infrastructure is a critical issue in establishing communities and community cohesion in all cities and regions. We have been involved in a range of studies into infrastructure planning and delivery systems including development sequencing to achieve efficient and timely infrastructure provision. This includes investigations into infrastructure decision-making processes, and into the availability, relevance, quality and utility of infrastructure-related information for areas undergoing development and renewal.

What We Do

  • Preparation of Section 7.11 (former Section 94) contributions plans on behalf of local councils for the total LGA or for a development type or area.
  • Preparation of background studies for Section 7.11 contributions on community and open space recreation needs and on development trends and population projections.
  • Strategic advice and critical analysis of Section 7.11 contributions plans.
  • Expert evidence on Section 7.11 matters.
  • Advice on state infrastructure contributions.
  • Input to voluntary planning agreements and negotiations on agreements.
  • Infrastructure planning studies.