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BBC Consulting Planners is able to set the policy context for land use and development through local and regional environmental studies and plans, demographic analysis, population projections and the analysis of development trends.

These important strategic investigations are important to set the background, rationale and justification for the suite of planning controls that follow.

These more strategic investigations generally require a multi-disciplinary approach with land use planning as the key and overarching objective. Planners are thus in the best position to ensure all issues are investigated with the correct balance and focus on the key issues. We are capable of assembling and managing teams of consultants and of working as a member of a team providing the overall planning context and balance to planning investigations and proactively guiding and assisting other team members.

Our focus is on rigorous research and information gathering techniques. Our aim is to facilitate socially sustainable outcomes for our clients and the community.

What We Do

  • Preparation of planning proposals and related submissions.
  • Local environmental studies.
  • State significant site investigations.
  • Applications for site compatibility certificates.
  • Concept plans.
  • Land use strategies.
  • Submissions on draft planning instruments, policies, regulations and legislation.